The strength of
Trans-Imex Transport & Logistics

‘Courage, Cooperation, Quality and Vision’

Trans-Imex Transport & Logistics in Veghel has more than 11.000 square meter storage space for about 17.000 pallets.
Daily there are more than 500 pallets going in and out from the warehouse; 30 trucks driving through The Netherlands and Belgium; and more than 50 employees guaranteeing quality and service.

Trans-Imex: From the kitchen table to a full-service transport and logistic company

Trans-Imex: From the kitchen table to a full-service transport and logistic company, the family company has grown in the past 20 years to become a successful enterprise which is specialized in transport and logistic services in the food sector. René Versantvoort is the founder, owner and managing director. ‘Still’, he says with a smile, ‘My sons Paul and Luc are also working here and in a few years they will be fully behind the wheel. But until then I still have plenty of plans.’

We are a real family company

“I started together with my wife from our house in 1999. Carla was doing all the administration and I was driving for Albert Heijn in Tilburg. One year later Jumbo started expanding in Veghel and this was the beginning of our cooperation. Jumbo’s success also meant growth of our transport activities and we found ourselves with 20 trucks supplying stores and performing internal lane transport in The Netherlands.”

Well-thought growth where the customer is in the center

“We were growing fast, partly because of the take-over of two other transport companies from the region. This gave us a better customer range and we got more drivers. Amongst our new clients were Friesland Campina, Vion, The Greenery/Dijco. In 2013 we bought two hectares’ land at Doornhoek in Veghel. We constructed our company building there and finished the first part of the logistics center.”

We are constantly exploring opportunities to improve the quality of our services.

“What do our customers want and expect? How can we achieve that? What do we want ourselves? That is why we are consciously building phase by phase, aiming for optimal quality of our services and growth of both transport and warehousing services. We currently have storage and transshipment space for more than 17000 pallets with (food) products.”

We like challenges

“This is a challenging sector which sets high quality standards for quality and flexibility. We consciously chose this sector – we like pioneering and challenges. What is more, we also set high standards for quality, service and performance for ourselves. We notice that this is also reflected in our employees. We are really working together and I am really proud of that.”

Transport, Warehousing and Value-added Logistics

“With our latest expansion we have the opportunity to efficiently use our space. I do not want to talk beforehand but either you are an entrepreneur, or you are not: we expect to double our capacity in 5 years. Not only transport but also our logistic services are growing: warehousing and value-added logistics. More space is needed for storage and transshipment. We are already looking for new opportunities, preferably in Veghel. This is where we are closer to some of our major clients and we also come from here.”